Trade Secret Law Attorney Beverly Hills | Protect Your Trade Secrets

Trade Secret Law Attorney Beverly HillsTrade secret protection can be used to protect many different types of information. When maintaining a competitive advantage requires the client to keep their idea a secret, trade secret law can be more desirable than the other forms of intellectual property protection.

Some trade secret issues that commonly arise involve the misappropriation and unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets by former employees, vendors, contractors and competing businesses. These issues may be avoided with proper use of licensing agreements with confidentiality requirements, non-disclosure agreements for third party developers, distribution of the software in executable form only and heightened security at the place of storage of the source code copies.

At the Omni Legal Group, we help maintain the secrecy of these ideas through drafting a wide variety of agreements designed to protect our clients. These include non-disclosure agreements, licensing agreements, invention development agreements, employment agreements, consulting agreements, manufacturing agreements, and the like. Protecting trade secrets and preventing infringement of the trade secrets of others are important aspects of our firm’s practice.