Patent Lawyer Beverly Hills | Protect Your Ideas

Patent Attorney in Beverly HillsAt the Omni Legal Group, we excel at protecting inventions using provisional and non-provisional patent applications, design patent applications and can even help with filing a plant patent application. With one of our offices conveniently located in Beverly Hills California, a patent attorney specially trained to file patent applications in the United States Patent and Trademark Office will personally handle your case.

With our trademark Idea Bank system, your experience will begin with a free initial consultation with a licensed patent attorney. We will give you the personal attention you deserve. At this consultation, you can discuss whether to begin with a patent search. The patent search will give you an idea of what type of products and patents are already in existence at the time you are preparing to file your patent application.

While at the Beverly Hills office, a patent attorney may also discuss with you the best kind of patent application to protect your invention. A lawyer at the Omni legal group will educate you on the differences between provisional, non-provisional, and design patent applications as well as plant patent applications.

If the Beverly Hills office is not convenient for you, you can also choose to meet with a lawyer at another of our locations, or schedule a free phone consultation. The patent lawyers in the Beverly Hills office and all other locations of the Omni Legal Group can also help you with a response to a patent Office Action. A patent Office Action is a communication you may have received from the United States Patent and Trademark Office regarding an application you already have filed with the USPTO.

Finally, if you have an invention and you feel someone else is infringing on your intellectual property rights, a patent lawyer at the Omni Legal Group would be happy to discuss what legal remedies are available to you. There are many ways we can help to put your idea in the bank and we are always happy to do so. Call Omni Legal Group today at (424) 901-8418 to schedule your free initial patent consultation.