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As Americans are expected to spend nearly $6 billion on Christmas decorations this year, inventors flock to the patent office to carve out market exclusivity for their own renditions of the same. Indeed, the first patented artificial Christmas tree was issued in 1911 claiming a trunk upon which twisted wires are attached and arranged to simulate natural tree branches. In 1927, another tree patent was issued that depicts an artificial tree resembling those sold today. There also exists a number of patents relating to live trees. One entitled “Trunk Mounted Christmas Tree Water Level Measuring and Alarm Device” indicates to users when the tree is in need of water and includes an alarm that sounds when the water falls below the “low water” level. A recent patent issued in 2016 for a Christmas tree stand capable of accepting a range of sizes and shapes, which holds water and also stabilizes the tree. Moreover, one inventor patented a tinsel gun in 1970 claiming “devices for dispensing tinsel and the like adaptable for decorating Christmas trees.” While not many mistletoe-related patents have been filed, there is one for a “mistletoe supporting headband” which consists of a strip of material fastened to the head of the wearer and includes a “fork member” that allows the mistletoe to attach. Lastly, for atop the Christmas tree, a light-up star was patented in 1936 on an ornament comprising “a plurality of substantially conical sections joined together at their lower extremities to form a unitary body” and which also contains an electric light bulb within its body. #omnilegalgroup #patents #Christmas