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Hi and welcome to another in the Omni Legal Group’s video series on intellectual property. My name is Omid, I’m a patent attorney and we are at Club Sportiva’s beautiful Silicon Valley clubhouse to talk more about intellectual property and exotic cars. So there are different kinds of intellectual property for protecting different kinds of ideas. Trademarks are used to protect brands, like McLaren and Dodge, whereas patents are used to protect inventions, like this eye-catching door mechanism. Let’s go for a ride and talk more. Patent applications are generally filed by a patent attorney. A patent attorney is a lawyer who has taken and passed the patent bar. Amongst patent attorneys, there are three different types. When you think of a transactional attorney, think of a silent Tesla Model X or a Rimac Concept One. They are the ones who file the applications to acquire the intellectual property rights for their client. When you think of a litigator, think of a screaming internal combustion engine. They are the ones when someone misappropriates their client’s intellectual property, they file the lawsuits to make sure that it does not happen again. Here at the Omni Legal Group, we are a hybrid of the two. We represent clients all over the world and have the ability to acquire intellectual property rights in any country that has a system for doing so. We also have a litigation practice which means that if someone misappropriates our client’s intellectual property, we have the means to make sure it does not happen again. When you think of us, think of a hybrid hyper car, like a Porsche 918 or a McLaren P1. Like a vault for securing your ideas, we affectionately refer to ourselves as The Idea Bank. We hope you enjoyed this second video of the series and learned a little bit more about patent lawyers and what they do. If you would like to learn about Club Sportiva and renting one of these amazing exotics or becoming a member, visit their website at ClubSportiva.com. Until next time, I’m Omid with the Omni Legal Group and I’ll see you in the next video.