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The year-long trademark dispute between the Escobar family and Netflix reignites after a Netflix scout was found dead after suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in a cartel-dominated area near Mexico City. The location manager was scouting a site for filming “Narcos,” a popular Netflix series, the first two seasons of which chronicle the life of Pablo Escobar from the time he first began manufacturing cocaine through his career as an infamous Columbian drug lord. Escobar is survived by his brother, Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, who seeks to protect his legacy from alleged intellectual property violations by the streaming service. Pablo Escobar’s brother is the founder of holding company Escobar Inc. that requested $1 billion from Netflix claiming the company has reaped a substantial financial benefit through their use of Escobar’s name and story on the show. Escobar Inc., Escobar’s brother claims, owns the trademarks to all of their names as well as the Narcos brand. He also threatened that if Netflix does not pay the requested compensation, he would “close their little show.” Moreover, he cautioned Netflix (or any other film production company) against filming anything in Colombia related to the Escobar family without the consent of Escobar Inc. Alternately, he suggested the show consider hiring hitmen as security for its film crew. #omnilegalgroup #trademark #Netflix