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Motorola files patent application for a phone that can repair its own screen. The application details a method and device for detecting fascia damage and repairing it. How it would work is by way of thermal elements imbedded within the screen itself that, when activated, would heat up and repair the cracked surface. Modern electronic devices comprise ever-increasing screen sizes, which are prone to damage when dropped. As part of the repair process, an application within the phone would be used to assess the damage prior to initiating a repair. That patent also discusses a docking station that would charge the device as it is being repaired, because the repair process could take a significant amount of time. A number of recent patent filings have demonstrated that technological advances for mitigating repair costs are gaining popularity. Given the significant reduction in mobile phone subsidies, these innovations will certainly be well received by consumers. #omnilegalgroup #patent #Motorola #mobilephonepatent