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The U.S. Department of Army recently filed a notice of opposition to bar the Las Vegas Golden Knights’ registration of their name in connection with entertainment services and professional ice hockey exhibitions. The Army argues a likelihood of confusion exists as the public may confuse the Army’s Golden Knights as endorsing, sponsoring, or otherwise controlling the quality and nature of the services offered by the NHL team. The Army stresses that its Parachute Team has performed in over 16,000 shows over the last 55 years and that during this time, it has been known as the “Golden Knights” and has employed a color scheme similar to that now used by the Las Vegas team. In contrast to the Army’s lengthy use of the term, the hockey team adopted the name only 14 months ago. Bill Foley, the principal owner of the Golden Knights, is a West Point graduate. Indeed, the team’s manager admitted that the color scheme of black, gold, yellow, and white was intentionally selected for its similarity to that used by the Army at West Point. Nonetheless, the team issued a public statement that they have not received any complaints from game attendees “expecting to see the parachute team and not a professional hockey team.” A panel of three Trademark Trial and Appeal Board administrative judges will evaluate the respective arguments and determine whether the Las Vegas Golden Knights will be granted registration. #omnilegalgroup #trademark #goldenknights