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Famous athletes commonly trademark their names and jersey numbers. Indeed, Shaquille O’Neal owns “Dunkman” for apparel and accessories, “Shaq-Fu” for books, softdrinks, and video games, and “Shaq Attaq” for clothing and footwear. Shaq even trademarked his signature. Similarly, Tim Tebow holds the trademark for “Tebowing,” which is the kneeling prayer stance he took before games. Not only do these sports icons trademark their personas, many also seek protection of inspirational slogans or phrases. Back in 2007, the Lance Armstrong Foundation registered “Livestrong.”  More recently, LBJ Trademarks LLC, owned by Lebron James, trademarked “Nothing is Given. Everything is Earned.” Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt trademarked an icon of his signature lightening bolt stance as well as the phrase “Bolt to the world.” Pro-athletes seek these trademarks to create a personal brand and generate income outside their athletic career.