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Lincoln American Car Manufacturer

The American automobile manufacturer Lincoln and the China based company, Lynk & Co. go head to head on how their names sound alike. Lincoln plans to take legal action against Lynk & Co with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to block use of the Lynk & Co name in the United States. United States Trademark Law protects against such alleged consumer confusion and this matter may give rise to a trademark infringement case against the Chinese company. Lynk & Co. currently have two model concepts they would like to release next year in the U.S. What is unique about the Chinese based firm is that it plans to avoid dealerships and sell directly to customers. They also plan to  offer peer-to-peer rentals much like AirBnB with a lifetime warranty. #omnilegalgroup #trademark #USPTO

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Frederick McKinley Jones

On this day in 1940, Frederick McKinley Jones receives a patent for an air conditioning unit for trucks, helping to change long-haul carriage of food and blood. His invention altered American society’s eating habits, so that people could eat fresh food throughout the United States, especially during the summer and winter seasons. The air-conditioning unit also branched out to the military field hospitals and military field kitchens. Today, Jones is celebrated as the most creative African American inventor of our time. #patent #frederickmckinleyjones #USPTO #omnilegalgroup

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Omid Khalifeh of Omni Legal Group Named 2017 Southern California Rising Star by Super Lawyers

Omni Legal Group’s principal patent attorney, Omid E. Khalifeh, has once again been selected to appear on the 2017 Southern California Rising Stars list by Super Lawyers.

Omni Legal Group is congratulating its principal patent attorney, Omid Khalifeh, on being selected as a Rising Star by SuperLawyers in the publication of the 2017 Rising Star list by Super Lawyers, which was officially released in July 2017.

Super Lawyers is an honor that is reserved only for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice. Out of the thousands of lawyers in California, only a select few will be considered by Super Lawyers for inclusion in this list. Only 2.5 percent of attorneys in Southern California have received this distinction.

Super Lawyers provides ratings of the top Southern California Lawyers and compiles annual lists following a nomination and selection process. During this process, each candidate that is being considered undergoes measurements against 12 indicators of professional achievement and peer recognition in order to determine which attorneys are excelling the most in their respective fields.

As a result of this multi-phase selection process, which includes independent research, peer nominations, and peer evaluations, only the best of the best lawyers are selected each year, making Khalifeh’s inclusion in this list an exceptional distinction.

Omni Legal Group was founded by Omid Khalifeh. As the author of The Gene Wars: Science, the Law and the Human Genome (Loyola Law Review), Omid Khalifeh is a published attorney who has been invited to speak at conferences across the country about changes in intellectual property law.

As of January 2017, Khalifeh accepted the nomination to be included as a 2017 Southern California Rising Star. As a part of a write-up about the lawyers who have received this recognition, a brief mention of his achievements will appear in Southern California’s Super Lawyers Magazine in July 2017. Super Lawyers Magazine is a publication that reaches more than 65,000 attorneys.

Los Angeles magazine will also publish a feature that includes the details of his award in July 2017. Khalifeh’s designation as a Rising Star will also appear directly on his attorney profile at SuperLawyers.com.

For inquiries about this recent development, Omni Legal Group’s media contact is available to answer any questions about Khalifeh’s recognition by Super Lawyers. For further assistance, interested parties should contact the firm directly via email or telephone.

About Omni Legal Group: Omni Legal Group is a premier patent, trademark, and copyright law firm. With offices in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills, the firm specializes in intellectual property protection by securing patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Founded in Los Angeles by Omid Khalifeh, Mr. Khalifeh is a published attorney who has worked on matters for Fortune 500 companies and has represented companies in a wide variety of matters involving copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and cyberlaw disputes. To learn more about Omni Legal Group, visit omnilegalgroup.com.

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International Yoga Day

June 21st is International Yoga Day. In 2014, a UN declaration was issued with support by 177 nations who cosponsored the resolution (the highest number ever for any such measure). This year, 72 students and teachers have traveled to the United States from India and will be performing yogic exercises at the United Nations Headquarters to honor the occasion. #patent #namaste #omnilegalgroup #international #yoga #internationalyogaday


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