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Apple recently filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a bendable electronic device with a flexible display. This application suggests the tech giant is keen to manufacture a foldable smartphone but mentions the technology can be used on any type of electronic device with a display including laptop computers, tablet computers, wristwatches, or other gadgets. The claimed device contains a display that would fold along its axis allowing it to bend in two ways allowing it to be opened like a book or propped up on half of its screen. This application is amongst news that other technology rivals are planning to release similar foldable gadgets. Before Apple released its iPhone 8, Samsung announced plans to release a Galaxy X handset that is capable of folding out into a full-size tablet in 2018. Nokia also received a patent earlier this month for a smartphone capable of folding, which looks like a pocket mirror. Similarly, Lenovo and Xiaomi have showcased bendable devices in the last year. Moreover, Microsoft was granted a patent for a tablet that folded up to become a cellular phone. It is unclear whether Apple will actually make use of this patent as the company is known for filing decoy patents in order to throw competitors off its tracks. Indeed, the tech company previously obtained a patent for a screen that retracts into itself like a Fruit Roll-Up but has yet to bring such a device to the production stage. #omnilegalgroup #patent #Apple #smartphone #Samsung #Nokia #Microsoft #Lenovo #Xiaomi