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The king of supply chain logistics has made its way to the way you and came up with a fashionable idea for cutting the cost of making clothes. Amazon was recently awarded a patent for what they call “on-demand-apparel-manufacturing” that will create or make your clothing once it has been ordered. The Patent has the software designed to collect clothing orders internationally and then derives a way to fulfill them.

Also, stated in the patent, “the orders can be organized by the computing environment into one or more groups of orders based on one or more productivity factors like size, shape, fabric type, or delivery location for the textile products.” On-demand or fast fashion is taking over the country and is an affordable way to consume clothing.

If the disclosures in the patent are any indicator of future plans, Amazon intends to expand beyond on-demand manufacturing and dive into other items such as fabric products, accessories, footwear, bedding, curtains, towels, especially in a variety of different materials, but not limited to paper, plastic, leather etc. Just last year, Amazon came out with seven in-house fashion brands and some experts believe it is on its way to becoming the biggest clothing retailer in the U.S. They also debuted a fashion tool namely, Outfit Picker, that even helps its Prime members choose what to wear. The company also launched a TV ad campaign for $15 million that featured fall fashions from Amazon.com.