A New Tesla Patent

Tesla has patented a device that can improve EV battery safety after a collision. The safety of lithium-ion batteries in the event of a collision is frequently called into question, but Tesla is hoping to quell these concerns with their special “pyrotechnic disconnect” safety device. The patent states that their pyrotechnic disconnect can quickly sever all electrical connections between their battery pack and motors, which will reduce the risk of harm to occupants after an accident. This disconnect would need to interrupt a very large current using a housing with a combustion chamber inside and a pyrotechnic charge within. It’s not clear yet whether this patented technology will be licensed to other automakers, but it’s reassuring to see a carmaker taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of vehicle occupants and pedestrians alike. #omnilegalgroup #patent #Tesla

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Stayed tuned. We’ve been working tirelessly on a new project that we hope you’ll love. We’re in the process of incorporating the final touches and can’t wait to bring you along for the ride.

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Did You Know…?

Nick Woodman founded the GoPro camera in 2002 as a great way to record footage while on a surfboard. His desire was to create a wearable camera that would allow him to capture himself and friends while out on the water. Initially, the camera company was called Woodman Labs. In 2004, the company sold its first camera, which was a 35mm unit called the Hero. They coined the phrase “GoPro Be A Hero” and later became known as GoPro Inc. Today they have a variety of offerings to satisfy any action seeker and have succeeded in their effort to merge sports &  technology.

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Amazon Has Fashion On Its Mind

The king of supply chain logistics has made its way to the way you and came up with a fashionable idea for cutting the cost of making clothes. Amazon was recently awarded a patent for what they call “on-demand-apparel-manufacturing” that will create or make your clothing once it has been ordered. The Patent has the software designed to collect clothing orders internationally and then derives a way to fulfill them.

Also, stated in the patent, “the orders can be organized by the computing environment into one or more groups of orders based on one or more productivity factors like size, shape, fabric type, or delivery location for the textile products.” On-demand or fast fashion is taking over the country and is an affordable way to consume clothing.

If the disclosures in the patent are any indicator of future plans, Amazon intends to expand beyond on-demand manufacturing and dive into other items such as fabric products, accessories, footwear, bedding, curtains, towels, especially in a variety of different materials, but not limited to paper, plastic, leather etc. Just last year, Amazon came out with seven in-house fashion brands and some experts believe it is on its way to becoming the biggest clothing retailer in the U.S. They also debuted a fashion tool namely, Outfit Picker, that even helps its Prime members choose what to wear. The company also launched a TV ad campaign for $15 million that featured fall fashions from

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Lincoln American Car Manufacturer

The American automobile manufacturer Lincoln and the China based company, Lynk & Co. go head to head on how their names sound alike. Lincoln plans to take legal action against Lynk & Co with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to block use of the Lynk & Co name in the United States. United States Trademark Law protects against such alleged consumer confusion and this matter may give rise to a trademark infringement case against the Chinese company. Lynk & Co. currently have two model concepts they would like to release next year in the U.S. What is unique about the Chinese based firm is that it plans to avoid dealerships and sell directly to customers. They also plan to  offer peer-to-peer rentals much like AirBnB with a lifetime warranty. #omnilegalgroup #trademark #USPTO

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